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Jan 15 2014

A great reminder to trust Him.

Anne Gibb

Firstly, I want to Thank everyone who has supported us throughout this process. “Support” comes in many ways and seems to always show up just at the right time.  Your inquiries about the girls & how things are going, words of encouragment, advice, prayers, etc…

Thank you!  

We continue our efforts to raise the remaining funds through our Puzzle Campaign.   Our sincere appreciation for those who have been able to financially support us so far.  I am trusting that God will bring us through to the end.


I was listening to one of my playlists the other day and this song came up.  It was a song that someone recorded of Darline singing “Mighty to Save” a few years ago.  (her pic is above)

I wonder if she understood what she was singing about  ~ Probably not.                                      

All I know, is that she was singing about a truth that I (very much) needed to be reminded of – our God is mighty to save!

“He is mighty to save!”

~ He is…not me or our meager efforts.  Our salvation, in any form, comes only from Jesus. He can save me from being discouraged about the length and many challenges we face with this adoption process. He can “save” Darline and Magela from the loneliness of growing up without the love and acceptance of a family.   He is our Savior.

“He can move the mountains!”

~ There is nothing that can stand in the way of His desires.  If He has called something to be, it will be.  Nothing and no one can stand in His way. If God has called us to adopt these beautiful children of His, He will bring it to pass. I need to remind myself of that every so often, when my optimism fades.   …to remember that, as His very Word brings life from nothing, completing this adoption is not too much for Him.

That gives me hope!

I think about the very mountainous region of Haiti which has been all the girls have ever known.  I imagine sitting next to the girls in the airplane as we fly over those mountains on our way home to New England.

Right now, I’m asking God if those mountains could “move” ~ quickly!

Latest update in a few words:

These have been a tough few weeks!  

We had hoped to have the girls home by the end of this month.  There has been a delay with a piece of paperwork that needs to be dealt with before our file can be submitted to the Embassy for final processing.  Although the girls are legally our adopted daughters, we must submit an application at the US Embassy in Haiti for their US Visas.  They will go through every piece of our adoption paperwork to make sure that the adoption granted to us in Haiti is genuine.  Upon approval from USCIS, they will each be granted US Visas that will allow the girls to travel to the United States and finally come home.

(Just today I heard that the processing time for Visa approval is running at about 6 weeks.  It used to be only about 3 weeks.) 

I can’t wait!!


So, Darline, remind me again?

Maybe I’ll have to put that song on “repeat” for a bit until a confident peace wraps around my heart and mind.



Dec 19 2013

I see light at the end of the tunnel!

Anne Gibb

This has been a long and tumultous road – one that I can thankfully see coming to an end!

A brief look back:

Our family began an adoption process 3 years ago when we first met Magela and Darline during a church mission trip to an orphanage in Haiti.  It was October, 2010 – only months after the devastating earthquake that ravaged Haiti.

After working through the decision with our family, in January 2012 we decided to adopt our two girls.

Magela (now age 12)


Darline (now age 13).

Darline before school

The girls have grown up – for the past 10 years –  among 130 other abandoned children.

 Our Progress:

In the summer of 2012, we completed our “home study” (an in-depth assessment of our suitability to adopt), and submitted all necessary paperwork to Haitian Social Services in October, 2012.

It has been a very difficult process so far – with many unforseen challenges and situations to face.

Still this past month, we finally received our legal Haitian Adoption Decrees!

Considering all that we have had to deal with, I can confidently say that it is only by the grace and favor of God that we are now the proud parents of two Haitian daughters – Magela and Darline GIBB!

What’s left to do:

As many of you know, international adoption is expensive.  During the course of this proces to date, we have been able to cover most of the expenses ourselves, and what we have not been able to do, others have very graciously stepped in to help.  Our totals so far: $48,000.  We are in the home stretch now and are expecting the girls to be cleared and issued Haitian passports within the next week or so.  We will then submit the remaining paperwork to the US Embassy in order for the Visa application to be approved and issued.  

We are expecting to go pick up the girls in Haiti in January … this January!


As the end is coming quickly, we are trying to catch up with expenses and are currently $30,400 away from the end.  We have put together a fundrainsing campaign to help meet this goal that is both practical and meaningful for the girls.  We have ordered two 350 piece puzzles of both Magela and Darline, and on the back of each piece*we will put the name and town of everyone who has, and does, contribute in any way.    *Your name will be written on 2 puzzle pieces – one for each of the girls

The puzzles will be framed with glass on both sides so the girls will have a visual reminder of how many people cared and supported them in bringing them to their forever family.  We want them to know that they are loved and wanted, not only by our immediate family, but by so many others!

So, we humbly ask for your support, as 2013 has been a financial challenge for us.  We wish we could handle it all ourselves, but at this point … we can’t.

Ways to help through the Puzzle Campaign:

(We are aiming to have all the names listed by January 15th in order to have completed puzzles before the girls arrive home.)

1. “Sponsor” a puzzle piece and ask your friends, family, and co-workers to do the same. Go to the “donate now” link on this page for more information.

2. For year-end charitable giving, this is a great opportunity!  If you’d like your donation to double, check with your employer to see if they will match charitable donations.  We have been able to partner with a non-profit Haiti relief organization that supports Haitian adoptions.  Go to the “donate now” link on this page for more information.

3. Spread the word!  Ask friends and family if they would also like to contribute to this effort through social media (Facebook, Twitter, email, etc…) and include this blog link.  (

Again, we thank you for following our progress and loving these girls home with us.


Anne and Bill


Apr 11 2013

Picking up where I left off…

Anne Gibb

I am attempting to jump back into this blog  -  It had a very short initial stint.

It reminds me very much of the parable Jesus told about the Sower and the seed.  …and the 4 types of soil.  (Matthew 13:1-9)   This blog was akin to the 2nd type of soil.  You know… the one that was sown on rocky soil, “but when the sun had risen, they were scorched: and because they had no root, they withered away.”

Well, the sun did in fact come out and scorched us a bit.  I have been busy about many things, at times, and just have had a lot on our plates over these past months – both adoption related and otherwise.


This post is just to let you know that … I’m here.

…coming back to the keyboard to share this crazy story of what God is doing as He calles us to adopt 2 wonderful girls from Haiti.  We are about mid point (or so we think) so I will have to go back and give some backstory.  I’m going to have to gather my thoughts a bit, and organize them into interesting and concise chunks.

So until then, pray for us & enjoy these pictures of the girls.




Feb 18 2012

The business of orphans.

Anne Gibb

…just a little hit of reality this morning. This was a blog someone shared with me:

In Haiti, the orphan crisis is often just a way to make money.

I pray that God would right whatever is wrong.

Use us, Lord, however You see fit.

Give us Your heart to love, Your wisdom to understand, and Your strength to act.


Feb 17 2012

… a new chapter begins.

Anne Gibb

We are at the beginning of what is sure to be a very long journey.  Our family has decided to adopt 2 – possibly 3 – girls from Haiti.

Adopting – especially an older child – has been stirring in our hearts for at least 20 years now.

We’ve been talking about it for so long, and wondering who and how and when.  Maybe, subconsciously, I’ve always thought you had to be someone special –  uniquely strong, or super holy, with lots of money or whatever, in order to adopt.  Or maybe, thinking that life was always too busy or just not the “right time” to start.

Is there ever a “right time”?     When do we ever find ourselves with extra money?

Well … NOW is the time!  

As I’ve waited for the right time,  children have become adults —  alone.

(…and are still alone!)

There are so many children that are growing up – day after day – without a place where they “belong”.  I can’t imagine waking up every morning knowing that I was special to no one in this world.

…with no family to care for me.   …nor anyone who had an interest in my gifts, abilities, dreams, hurts, future.

But, God cares!

And, amazingly, He has imparted His care and His love for these girls to us.  I am honored to be entrusted with this!

We now have names and faces for our new daughters.

I pray that God continues to clearly lead us in His will for our family as we step into this new season.  I fear it is a long, and complicated one,  but one that will be worth the expense, work, and the wait.

I can’t wait for these precious girls to be here with us!

Still, we trust that God will work all things for good – in His timing.

He is in control.

As I become more comfortable “blogging” and we move along into different phases of this, I will share a bit about our new girls and how we came to this point.    For now, I just ask for your prayers — for peace, and to be equipped for each day’s work.

Thanks for supporting us in this process.

By His grace,