The business of orphans.

Anne Gibb

…just a little hit of reality this morning. This was a blog someone shared with me:

In Haiti, the orphan crisis is often just a way to make money.

I pray that God would right whatever is wrong.

Use us, Lord, however You see fit.

Give us Your heart to love, Your wisdom to understand, and Your strength to act.


One Response to “The business of orphans.”

  • Patty Meyer Says:

    It can be quite a struggle to ascertain the purpose many have in their desire to be an orphanage in Haiti. I would be bold to suggest most are operating for the revenue, and not the children. Money can cause evil and selfish behavior. It has a way of alluring people and getting them off course in their walk with God and His purposes. Especially Americans are eager to help when they hear of children in need. Sometimes prayer is needed over money to meet a need.

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